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Sirens Fest- Aug 6 7_wd.jpg

Sirens Fest 2022

August 6-7 | Sebastopol, CA

Join Basinah in person for a "Golden Era" style dance workshop. Your toolkit for vintage style Raqs Sharqi from 1940-1970 Cairo, Egypt. Visit the website for event agenda and reservations.

Address: 234 Hutchins Ave. Sebastopol, CA 95472



Golden Era Styling

Online Course with

Join Basinah in Golden Era Styling and learn movements and stylistic tips inspired by Naima Akef, Samia Gamal, and Taheya Karioka.

Use coupon code "Golden" for 10% off your membership! 


Private/Group Lessons

Virtual or Live

Have a topic you want to work on with Basinah? Raqs Sharqi, Khaleegy, Iraqi, Golden Era, Shaabi, American Cabaret... lets play!

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